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Sword Swinging Thrills!

Set against swords, monsters, wizardry, and intrigue, Skarde fights for freedom alone... but instead finds himself leading a rebellion and saddled with a curse!

This old school sword and sorcery tale sets off at a fast pace to adventure!

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Weird of the Skull Totem

Skarde – wandering sword, pirate, and killer of giants – falls prey to his own triumphs. Shipwrecked on a haunted shore, he and his crew face a nightmarish foe that wields enigmatic powers, distorting reality with malevolent sorcery. Under darkling boughs death and horror stalk, hungry for living flesh.


Short Stories

That Axe Anciently Was Mine

What if the hero of a savage and ancient land returned from the deep mists of time?

Samuel Rider is a man out of time and place. A man with a destiny undreamed of.
Necromancers and demons, werewolves and the undead. The villains and monsters of legend lurk still in the night, unseen by most.

Samuel battles the strange, the deadly, and the unholy with a band of on-again-off-again allies in the Ancient Order of Chandlers.

Sword & Seventies – High adventure in the age of the birth of Heavy Metal!

Fangs of the Moon Opal

When Samuel Rider first gripped the haft of That Ancient Axe, premonitions of primeval power and glory struck him like a bolt from the Gods. He is a man with a destiny undreamed of.

Now, Samuel takes his first step – or leap – into a strange world hidden just under the surface of everyday life. A world where mystery, majesty, and danger lurk behind every corner. Always has.

Villains, too, have seen through the veil and employ sinister magics to plot evil. Cursed and alone, save for the witch Cassandra, Samuel fights a desperate battle for his very soul.

In The Press

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Erik Waag is a lover and writer of fantasy.


He lives in a grim and frostbitten kingdom with a wonderful family.


For any inquiries, please contact Erik at:

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