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Dan the Destructor Review

The Short:

Fun, but flawed. If you can get into the right headspace, this kino adventure will delight.

The Long:

Dan, a slightly doughy man from South Florida is transported to another time and place by the reckless magics of an evil wizard. He meets Fenrik, a jovial barbarian. This all happens on page 1, so I hope you won’t count the last sentence as a spoiler! The tale proceeds at a breakneck pace. One monster or villain is encounter after the other, and worldbuilding and character are revealed between blows. This book is short, and Rob spends no time waffling.

This book is not for everyone. Present tense storytelling reminiscent of a movie script, and Rob’s unique voice, may put off some readers, while others may love it. It took me a while to get into the groove, but if you are a fan of over the top 80’s action movies and sword and sorcery, you may have found a new favorite series.

Reading Dan the Destructor felt, to me, as if I was at a bar and a friend was describing a lost reel from the 1981 Heavy Metal movie. This is not a book you’ll find on the shelves of Barnes & Noble… that could be good or bad depending on your tastes.

2/5 stars for the “normie” (certainly not an insult) fantasy reader. 3/5 stars for a PulpRev or IronAge fan, and if you vibe Rob’s oddball voice then take home 4/5 Loc-nars. Me? I got the rest of Rob’s series in the mail yesterday.

Check out my video review.

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