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Sword and Seventies: Vol. 1

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

I'm thrilled to announce that my debut short story That Axe Anciently was Mine is almost ready. All that remains is some formatting and it will be available in eBook format. Softcover to come soon. To celebrate, I'm dropping a sneak peek of my newly created cover here.

What if the hero of a savage and ancient land returned from the deep mists of time?

Samuel Rider is a man out of time and place. A man with a destiny undreamed of.

Necromancers and demons, werewolves and the undead. The villains and monsters of legend lurk still in the night, unseen by most.

Samuel battles the strange, the deadly, and the unholy with a band of on-again-off-again allies in the Ancient Order of Chandlers.

Sword & Seventies – High adventure in the age of the birth of Heavy Metal!

UPDATE: Available now!

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